Superb Copy Writing – 3 Simple Steps

An insider’s guide to writing superb copy


Every copywriters process is different. We each have our little tricks of the trade that invariably inspire us to craft our best work. Today I would like to share with you the three things that are always on my effective copy writing checklist. I hope these simple steps will inspire you to create engaging, meaningful and effective copy.



Step 1. Remember less is more.

To clarify, the next sentence is an example of what not-to-do when copy writing. Do not waffle and get side tracked and include more information than necessary, or repeat the same point with different words, just to fill up space; because despite the satisfaction of having a numerous – albeit superfluous – word count, your message will be lost amid the empty noise and clutter. A superior way to rewrite that sentence: to write engaging content be clear, emotive and concise. I.e. Edit everything.


Step 2. Learn to love hierarchy.

Just as good graphic design incorporates considered hierarchy, so should good copy writing. Your copy should be structured to enhance impact in order of importance. Cover your basics with a strong heading, meaty body copy and always conclude with your all-important call-to-action. To enhance your key messages, apply the principles of hierarchy to each paragraph and sentence when editing. Structure your wording for interest, clarity and recall. When you write with an eye for hierarchy, your message will not only be a pleasure to read, it will have impact!


Step 3. Embrace the power of three.

The ‘rule of three’ has long been adopted by copy writing experts to craft content that is funnier, more engaging and easier to recall. What is the science behind the power of three? Well, the human brain proficiently processes information via patterns, and the smallest pattern consists of three elements. Hence the stronger impact when presenting information in threes! By embracing the ‘rule of three’, you can craft engaging, concise and memorable content.


Enough writing – let’s get chatting!

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